Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sound of Music - Edelweiss


eunice said...

Hi Chuck! I love the "Sound of Music"!! Recently I watch it again, after so many years, and I was very touched by the songs and the breathtaking alps which I once set foot on a few years ago!

I love Edelweiss! :D

And yes, I have posts on Florence and Venice at my blog, pls click here ->

Florence posts
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Chuck said...

Thanks, Eunice. I love the movie, and I love Julie Andrews. And the scenery is breathtaking, as you said.

I'll be checking out your posts on Florence and Venice, too. Man made objects can be as breathtaking as nature!

eunice said...

Hi Chuck! What a shame! I didn't know those yellow flowers are dandelions! :P Thanks for telling me that!!

Hmm, do you think those are Edelweiss in this photo taken from the Swiss alps?

Photo: Edelweiss

Chuck said...

Well, dandelions was my guess, anyway. Here's what a dandelion looks like when it blossoms:

And here is what it looks like when it gives up the ghost:

And this is what edelweiss looks like:

Hard to tell if those were edelweiss you were sitting amongst in that Alpine landscape. They looked too small to be edelweiss to me, plus I didn't see any yellow in the center of the, such as edelweiss has.

Very nice pictures, nevertheless.